Original Fine Art


Mary Maslanka

Mary' s work is carried by John David Wolf Gallery


Sunset inArkansas

2002 Oil on Canvas (16x20)

Still Life with Primitives

2003 Oil on Canvas(12x16)

Skookum Doll

2006 Oil on Canvas(16x20)

Mojave Dusk

1997 Oil on Canvas(12x16)

West Virginia Primitives

2007 Oil on Canvas(12x16)

Canyon De Chelly

2002 Oil on Canvas (16x20)

Antique Jars

2001 8x10 Oil on Canvas

Free Spirit

2003 Oil on Canvas (12x16)

Rocky Top

2001 Oil on Canvas (16x20)

Thrill Hill

1998 Oil on Canvas(16x20)

Pink Cannas

1998 Oil on Canvas (12x16)

Morning Swim

2006 Oil on Canvas (12x16)

Burlington County

2000 16x20 Oil on Canvas

Primitives with Marbles

2004 12x16 Oil on Canvas

Cape May Sunset

2004 16x20 Oil on Canvas


2001 Colored Pencil (8x10)

Grey Wolf

1995 - Colored Pencil (12x16)


Vintage Reflections

2003 - Colored Pencil (8x10)


2003 - Colored Pencil (5x11)