Three Axes


Major and Minor Windows
To interpret what I have shown here, one must understand the meaning of the main web pages that we navigate through. There are two important windows, with the major window showing examples of how I map twenty-eight aesthetic experiences in a three dimensional grid and the minor window showing five "aesthetic rings".  Please don’t let the verbiage written here confuse you, for in a nutshell it is very similar to bar graphs you see everywhere in your life’s experiences. So if you find the spatial explanations cumbersome then please just look at the windows as a kind of graphs.  The major window shows the location of each experience within a three dimensional (Cartesian) space. There are eight zones within this space and my question to you is; how would you categorize each of these zones or what is common among the experiences that reside in these zones.  These zones are labeled 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3c, 3d,4c and 4d and can be seen in the image below. The major window shows two sides of this three dimensional cube flattened onto your computer screen (see below).  The axes of this three dimensional grid (shown above) can be described by a gradation of ideas that travel along the lines representing each dimension.  Let's start by looking at the ideas along our "x" dimension.  We have a line with the idea of an aesthetic experience showing "the aesthetics of utilitarian purpose" at one end and the aesthetics of purposelessness" at the other end.  On our "y" axis we have at one end "the aesthetics of direct experience" and at the other end "the experience of thinking." And finally on our "z" axis we have "an expression requiring mental ability (design)" on one end of the axis and on the other we have "an expression requiring physical ability (craft)" The axis shown above resides inside the cube shown below with the lines of the axis projected to the walls of the cube (I think that it may be easier to understand by just looking at the sequence of images below)

Orthogonal Space 1

The image below shows two view looking into the cube

Orthogonal Space 2

Here are the two views flattened out on your computer screen

Orthogonal Space 3




The image below is the major window



Polyaesthetic Grid









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