psy -> psychological
chrono -> time
metrics -> measurement


The aesthetics of this piece lay in the beauty within the analyzation and thinking about the nature of time in the context of how it is defined and how it is perceived. Is difficult to categorize “Psychronometrics” for there is many facets associated with this aesthetic expression. First of all, it is an interactive computer “art” piece that was originally created on a Radio Shack Color Computer in 1983. It was unique, at that time, in that an equation from physics was used as a vehicle for creating “poetic metaphor” as well as a uniqueness due to it being created at the dawn of the computer art genre.  As for the metaphorical mappings employed in this piece, we can see that we have ontological correspondences in the conceptual domain described as the “psychological duration in our mind” corresponding systematically to entities in the conceptual domain described as “physical measurement of time”. — specifically that measurement used in Einsteins’s special theory of relativity. The piece also points to the spiritual nature of the human experience in how time plays a role in where we come from and where we are going. 

So lets get to it *click here to enter the program*