The Polyaesthetic View of Aesthetics

Polyaesthetic Mapping
Kaz Maslanka
July 4, 2011


What this is:
This is a system whereby one can map any aesthetic experience into a space for which you may analyze the relationships of your aesthetic experiences to each other. It is a great tool to help one understand one’s own aesthetic philosophy.  You can look at what I have presented here as an example of what can be done.  But to fully understand this system you will need to map your own experiences. After you map 20 or more of your own experiences look at where they lay in this space and notice how you categorize the aesthetic experiences as art or science or other.  


The video below is an intro into the main 3 dimensions of the system.


Using the method described in the video above I have mapped, as an example, 28 aesthetic experiences into the 3 dimensional cubic grid. My mapping is not important. To understand the system YOU need to map as many aesthetic objects as you can.

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Advanced Area

It is recomened to become fully comfortable with the 3 dimensional system before going to the 24 dimensional system

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