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Introduction and Forward

The Wedding of Kaz Maslanka and Ilsu Min


     I made this website to honor my wedding, my new family and document my entire stay in Korea including the traditional Korean wedding and the ensuing honeymoon that occurred between the weeks of January 8, 2007 through January 31, 2007. Over the course of three weeks I shot 1679 photos and condensed the body of work down to 217 for this website.
     The buttons above separate the sections of interest and may be pushed at anytime during your visit to this website.  I would like to invite you to read about our travels as our honeymoon took us to the cities of Yang Yang, Sokcho, Andong and Kyongju. There are three sections describing our time in Kyongju including the temple sites of Sokkuram and Boolgooksa / Bulguksa. This site was built for my family and friends however; I shot many panoramic pictures that I doubt others will find anywhere else on the web as well as the deities in the Sokkuram Grotto shot at the Silla Arts and Sciences Museum. I am especially happy with the Boolgooksa temple section laid out with map vectors to show where each picture was taken.

     I would like to give you a tiny bit of background information and mention that I met Ilsu in August 2000 at an art center in Wichita Kansas and we were married January 21, 2007 at “The Korea House” in Seoul Korea. At the time of our marriage, Ilsu was forty-four years old and had never married furthermore; I was fifty-one and had never married as well. At the time of the wedding I had not been to Korea nor had I met Ilsu’s family. This was an extremely new and fresh experience for Ilsu and me furthermore; it was probably a surprise to our friends who viewed us as a confirmed bachelor and bachelor-ette. 


     I would like to note that I have used different spellings on many Korean words with the purpose that I feel the words are easier to pronounce in English with my spelling. I find some inconsistency in the western spelling of Korean words. I am not sure as to the reason however; I believe this is due to difficult and cumbersome translations by the western officials when they first made contact with Korea. However I must say in their defense it is not an easy task and they may have chose the current spellings for the consumption of all western languages not just English. However, from my experience For instance the city Chunan (Chun rhymes with Fun) is officially spelled Cheonan and another example is the name Moon is officially spelled Mun or the city of Koo-mee is officially spelled Kumi. I feel there are some inconsistencies here which not only confuse the west but hinder the Korean people in thier pronunciation of English words as well.

 But then again the English language has its own problems I have no room to complain. e.g. (Don't kut urself with a nife at skool) My Korean friends need not pay any attention to that last remark.


     There may be areas in this website where I seem to pontificate. I want to make the disclaimer that I am not a scholar on Korean culture and history nor am I a scholar on American culture and history. I am expressing my personal observations from my perspective through my experience.
     All the pictures on this website were taken by me** and are copywrited however; I have no problem with anyone using them as long as they notify me and give the proper credit. --Also don't forget to use the scroll bar when looking at the panoramic photos.
** Except for most of photos displayed in the Korean traditional wedding section in which some were taken by a commercial wedding photographer and other photos were shot by my new brothers.


The Wedding of Min Ilsu and Kazmier Maslanka click here .


      If you have any questions or comments I would be happy to answer them. You can contact me by the link below.




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