The Adventures of Kount Kazmier

Tales from the naive Kount Kazmier as he wanders about the planet.

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The adventures of Kount Kazmier started as Kaz's playful way to swagger about and show his friends what mischief he was practicing. It later grew into a Journal where he expresses, with sincerity and heart, his personal view on his many discoveries.

** denotes an interesting picture

** denotes the Kount's favorite stories

Is the Kount on Mars?**

The Kount and regional humor

The Kount at the Alfred P Murrah Building

The Kount is icing up**

The Kount is at the airforce base

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma --- November 22, 2001

The Kount and those Kansas skies again**

Happy New Year from the Kount**

The Kount shows you the first Pizza Hut

Kount down to sunrise in Kansas**

The Kount remembers June 19, 1992 (Wichita Kansas hailstorm)**

The Kount at Wolaroc (Buffalo Country)**

Wichita Kansas --- June 1, 2000

The Kount on the Chesapeake (Schaefers Canal House)

Le Monde selon le Kount Kazmier (Final Words from Montreal)

The Kount asks, "What is a fleuve?"**

Kount back to September 13, 1759 (Battle of Quebec) **

More from Ville de Quebec**

The Kount in Ville de Quebec (Quebec city)**

Mont Tremblant part 3 **

Mont Tremblant part 2 **

The Kount at Mont Tremblant **

Be Kareful Kount (Ignorant Kount) **

The Kount asks, "What is the difference between poutine and putin?"

Come Alive! Kount yourself in the Pepsi generation

Kount in the Spring**

The Kount at Jazzons

The Kount forgot what he remembers

The Kount encounters Maaki (Beautiful Eskimo)

The Kount on the Mount (climbing)

The Kount sees not only Jesus walks on water

The Kount says il fait tres froid (A colder Kount)

A cold Kount

New Years with Kount Kazmier **

The Kount at the Jello Bar

The Kount says, "Ces mondes vont très bien ensemble"

The Kount experiences culture shock

The Kount is on the road to Montreal **

Montreal, Quebec --- November 1, 1999

The Kount is dreaming of a white Christmas … and the rest of the bloody year as well. (The Kount's last words from England)

The Kount experiences the locals of Stalybridge (Mock Funeral)

The Kount at Avebury (Ancient Stone Circle) ** **

The Magic Roundabout ** **

The Kount sees an American nightmare in England (The Magic Roundabout) **

The Kount remembers Bridge of Sighs

The Kount in Chester

The Kount in Wales **

The Kount at Inverness (and Loch Ness) ** **

The Kount queries fashion ... (The Girls of Ashston-Under-Lyne)

Sunday drive with the Kount in the Moors **

Strawberry Fields Forever

The Albert dock (picture)

The Kount on the Mersey **

The Kount says, "Since I had my nuts tightened, I haven't lost a drop of Irn Bru."

The Kount ate a butty, is now a bit nackered and needs a kip. He will get one when he gets back to his digs.

The Kount asks, "What do Mexico and India have in Common?" **

The Donau **

The Kount is in Minga **

The Kount is in the Heart of Bavaria

The York wall

The York Minster

The Kount says "These new town blues are melting away" **

The Kount's driving in England

The Kount's chicken **

The Kount is Eclipsed **

The Kount learns about proper rain **

The Kount is back in the saddle

The Kount is heading toward England **

Manchester England --- June 1, 1999

The Kount hears the chain-saw choir singing an epitaph

The Kount is surfing tornadoes

The Kount taps his slippers 3 times

The Kounts last words from LA **

Another Venice boardwalk with the Kount

The Kount at the Novel


The Kount in Santa Monica

What do you think while on an airplane

The Kount says: Take me back to Tulsa

The Kount says: ... Uh ... nevermind **

The Kount says: goodbye California **

Re: The Kount is on the boardwalk

Venice Beach morning with the Kount **

The Kount is on the boardwalk

The Kounts says: Enuf of the bad shit here is the good!** **

The Kounts new girlfriend

Angelyne Paintings

Kount Kazmier ... Just a note

A celebration of stupidiy **

The Kount sees blue girl in Hollywood **

The Kount heard LA was a zoo

The Kount in Holeywud ... Next Installation

Which one is Wally?

The Kounts Enigma part 2**

The Kounts Enigma

Art Opening at Artluxe - Melrose and Labrea **

The Kount Jogging on the Beach

The Yard House in Long Beach

Rubios Fish Tacos

LA Funk Scene

LA Traffic

The Kounts Pool

The Kount is on the beach

The Kount is in Barstow

Kount Kazmier on the road

Los Angeles California --- November 9, 1998


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